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Earlier in the Summer one of my best friends visited from Mexico and he brought me an Acapulco chair.  He went through a lot of problem at the San Francisco airport because of the size and shape of the chair.  The Acapulco chair is one of the most celebrated chair designs of the 20th Century. It is an anonymous design that emerged in the 1950’s in Hollywood’s favorite beach destination: Acapulco, Mexico. These days some American companies are reproducing the chair and they are selling it at a very high price.  Since the chair was designed in Mexico, I wanted a chair manufactured by Mexicans with the original Mexican materials.  I contacted some dealers in Mexico and my friend brought it for me.  The chair has an amazing look and is very comfortable.  Ideal for a patio or garden. I love it!!


Besides collecting furniture, I also collect mid century modern planters.  I love bullet planters, atomic planters, and ceramic pots made by some companies such as Bauer and Gainey.  Specially, I like those planters designed by Lagardo Tackett for Architectural Pottery even though they are kind of expensive for me. I am very attached to my planters but I think I have too many so I am going to try to sell some planters in the future.

In addition, I would like to sell the chairs in the picture below.  After getting the Acapulco chair, I do not have room in my patio for them any longer.  The chairs are not in perfect condition but they still functional.  They look nice in a patio.  Please send me an e-mail to make me an offer for the chairs.


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